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Funds From Self Directed Roth IRA Invested in Real Estate Can Grow Rapidly

If the owner of a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate, it is possible that he or she could double, triple or even quadruple that investment in a very short period of time. If you are thinking of purchasing real estate in your IRA, read on, there are some things that you need to know.

First of all, as you may know, you must have a self-directed account in order to make investments of this kind. Second, you must choose the right custodian, trustee or broker. Most only offer their clients the option of investing in traditional things like stocks and bonds.

Once you have found the right custodian and have your account set up, you’re ready to go. But wait, do you know anything about real estate investing? Do you know the rules and regulations that relate to IRA real estate investments?

Funds from a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate, must be for investment purposes only. You cannot buy property for personal use. For example, you and your family can not live in a house that you bought with IRA funds. There are other applicable rules.

In order to be sure that purchasing real estate in your IRA follows the rules; your custodian should be familiar with them. Make sure of that, before you sign up with them. Equity Trust, for example, can give you the details about what investments are and are not allowed by law.

Your custodian can tell you the rules, but he cannot find property for you to invest in. That’s up to you. If you have some experience, then you might be okay. If not, you might want to get some help. There are some experienced real estate investors that will “take you by the hand”, so to speak, and show you the way.

They can help you find the right deals. Cash deals, for example, are best. It may be possible to obtain a mortgage or other loan in the name of your IRA account, but purchasing real estate in your IRA will be most profitable if the needed funds are already in the account.

If you are working with an experienced investor, he will talk to you about how much you would like to invest and then look for property that can be purchased for that amount. You could do that yourself, if you have the time and the knowledge, but it can be a hassle.

Working with an experienced investor can take the headaches and the hassle out of purchasing real estate in your IRA and help you increase your wealth. If the owner of a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate, without first learning the process or getting the right help, he could easily lose money. Or, he could lose his tax free status. You don’t have to make those kinds of mistakes, not with all of the help that is available today.

Which “Internet Business” Models Will Have You Profiting?

Are you looking to make money online with an internet business? With so many business opportunities circulating, and claiming they will make you rich, it is hard to weed out the fact from fiction. If you are serious about starting an online business, and want to secure your position to earn money online, then it is critical to find a internet business that gives you all the components to profit.

What internet business structure gives you the most potential to earn money online? Which online opportunity will give you a continuous pay structure? How do you know that people will buy your product or service? These are very important questions to ask when seeking an internet business. Many times new entrepreneurs will be so enchanted with the compensation and the potential to earn money online, that they do not do the necessary market research to insure the business model will have them profiting.

If you are serious about profiting with an online business, then take these guidelines to insure you find the model that will have you profiting. These are important to your overall success, and should be carefully evaluated before staring any internet business.

6 steps to finding an internet business that will have you profiting

1) Multiple products – having multiple products is considered a vital necessity to have a long term and profitable business opportunity. When you are building an internet business the most important thing to consider is your purchasing audience. If you have a business with one product it is considered much more difficult to sell, compared to having multiple product ranges that can generically reach more people. The more interest you are able to draw to products and services, the more income you are able to generate.

2) Compensation plan – most start an internet business to make money. What are the best payment structures? It is suggested that having a business where customers pay you directly is the most legitimate payment methods. This method is called the direct sales industry. Knowing your income goals will assist you in finding the right compensation for you. Many of the direct sales industries have a commission structure of 500.00 up to 10,000.00 per sale rendered.

3) Residual income – locating a business structure that has a direct sales payment, and a residual income is suggested to be an optimal choice for entrepreneurs. A residual income pays you on a consistent basis even after your first sale. Usually residual incomes are structured where you get paid a percentage of your customers sales.

4) Company presentations – look for a solid, compelling and well put together company presentation. It is vitally important if you are new to internet marketing. Some of the most solid presentations consist of a video presentation, a virtual tour of products, services and compensation, or a interactive presentation walking website visitors through the benefits of the company. This eliminates the entrepreneur from having to explain their internet business opportunity themselves. Sales are normally lost if a new business owner attempts to give the overall information to the customer, this gives an added insurance that your clientele will be handled properly.

5) Company sales assistants – having your own company sales assistants is especially important if you are new. Not everyone is a sales person, and the internet has evolved so that you don’t have to be. A company sales assistant is someone who will answer your interested customers questions and convert them to sales, and earning you the commission.

6) Getting the right training – the internet business you choose should have live trainings, and a in depth training platform. You will need to learn marketing skills to have your business profiting. It is important to make sure you will have access to continued marketing training within the business, but it is critically important to find a mentor or trainer within the business to help you. Once you find the right business model, look for good and solid mentors to help you build your business.

It is apparent that more and more people are choosing an internet business as a way to make money. Many get so caught up in the potential to earn money online, that they do not do the necessary research on the internet business. The internet is proving to be a valuable resource to profit online, however it is imperative to choose the right model that fits your needs. In every business there are people that are making a large sum of money, however you need to make sure that the model is duplicatable for the average person, and more importantly for you.

To insure that your internet business has a duplicatable system will assist you in your venture to make money, but will also allow others to achieve the same goals. Make sure that you research the online opportunity, and find a mentor or trainer that will assist you in your endeavor to earn money online, finding the right combination will set you up with long term and profitable internet business.

Writing Your Business Plan – Do You Know Where to Start?

It’s time to get down to business, that is, the business of writing your plan. You know the basics involved, but putting your knowledge on paper can prove slightly daunting. It is a crucial document to your business, one that goes beyond helping you attain funding. It will aid you in achieving your big picture goals for the company. It tells your sales personnel, suppliers, and others about your operations and goals. A good business plan helps you allocate resources properly, handle unforeseen complications, and make the right decisions. Let this plan be the map leading to your success.

The business plan should have clearly outlined sections that deliver information and goals in an organized and informative manner. These individual sections will answer a specific question pertaining to your business. A list of the important sections are as follows:

The Executive Summary

Only a cover sheet and table of contents precede the Executive Summary, otherwise it is the first introduction a investor/lender will have when reading about your company, and the most important part of your document. The Executive Summary is the first section of your business plan, but the last part that you should write. It’s a summary of the rest of your plan, and should amount to no more than a page or two. The Executive Summary is the first thing in your business plan that other people will read so you need to explain the basics of what you intend to do with your proposed business. It offers an overview of your plan regarding the current market trends, features of the product or service, competition issues, financial reports, and management team. When drafting the plan with the intent of showing it to a possible investor, it is wise to include information regarding the amount of funds you are seeking and the ways in which they will be invested. Remember, the Executive Summary may be your one and only opportunity to gain the attention of a prospective investor/lender, so make it interesting and make it sell the rest of the business plan.


The next section is all about you and your people, especially the key managers in your company. In this section of your business plan you will give brief descriptions of your primary managers, including an overview of their backgrounds and functions in your organization, as this is of great interest to potential investors, partners and employees. The section will also detail the qualifications of you and the other principles in the business. Your background, past experience, duties and responsibilities, etc. People want to know who they’re dealing with. You may want to include an organizational chart that graphically depicts individual responsibilities and who reports to whom. Sell yourself and your team as a finely tuned machine that can tackle any problem that might arise in future as this will give greater confidence to a lender or investor.

Product or Service

What are you offering? What makes your business and the service it is providing unique? Ask yourself these questions and then get typing! This section describes your service or product, emphasizing the benefits to potential customers. Focus on the areas where you have a distinct advantage over your competition. Also include your overall plan for positioning, cost, and promotions to possible clients.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis section should illustrate your knowledge about the particular industry your business is in, its target market, and your competition. Evaluating your industry increases your knowledge of the factors that contribute to your company’s success. Your target market is simply the market (or group of customers) that you want to focus on. Understanding your customers is essential to business success. When analyzing the competition, highlight the key differences between you and your competitors: products (benefits, features, performance and price), positioning, capabilities, and strategy. Make sure you provide credible statistics when writing this section.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the process of creating customers, and customers are the lifeblood of your business. In the Marketing and Sales Strategy section the first thing you want to do is define your marketing strategy. There is no single way to approach marketing. Your strategy should be part of an ongoing self-evaluation process and unique to your company. Marketing makes it memorable, and when the right marketing strategy is created, people will automatically think of your product. You want people to be triggered in some sensory way that then leads to an instant image of your product or service, be the “go to guy”. Outline in detail your plans for promoting, placing, and pricing your product. It may be the greatest product on the market, but if no one has heard of it, none of that will matter. Don’t let yourself or your product be tossed into a discount bin just because you weren’t willing to go the extra mile to back up your quality with a creative marketing strategy. Think outside the box!


The Operating Plan deals with what you need to run your business, from facilities to the necessary equipment and technology for you to be successful. Place a critical eye on your business and rate your efficiency in operations. If your business is based largely on some aspect of its operations- manufacturing, logistics, customer service, etc – readers will want to know about that in more detail. An efficient business is an effective business that produces results.

Financial Plan

Gather all your paperwork and get ready for some number crunching! The Financial Plan section distills your strategies and assumptions into how much they’ll cost and how much money they will make you in the course of your new business. The financials should be developed after you’ve analyzed the market and set clear objectives.

This section will include data from income statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, and any other pertinent reports. Highlight the positives in terms of profits and reframe possible negatives as “opportunities” or “challenges”. A challenge is something a solid team can rise to meet, emphasize this to the investor/lender and in your business plan. Consistency is also imperative. If you don’t stick to your assumptions about profit margins, selling prices, materials costs or other key measures throughout this section, it will show up immediately.

For some readers, such as bankers looking for balance sheet assets to collateralize a loan, the financial section may be the most important part of the plan. For others, such as employees looking for a great place to work, it’s the least interesting. But it’s actually of prime importance for everybody, because this section is where you’ll distinguish a business from a mere hobby. If the numbers add up to a reasonable return on your investment, congratulations. Your business has a reasonable chance of succeeding.

As you research and prepare your business plan, you’ll find the weak spots in your business idea that you’ll be able to repair. You will also discover different areas with potential you may not have thought about before-and ways to profit from them. Only by putting together a thorough business plan can you decide whether your great idea is really worth your time and investment in the long run.